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Natural and Australian made hair, body and skin care products that embrace You & the Earth

Hi I'm Gabriela, Owner & Director of Pure Earth.

Hi, I’m Gabriela, the owner and director of Pure Earth. My journey began with a passion for natural and sustainable products, deeply rooted in my love for our planet. Growing up, I was fascinated by nature’s healing powers. From the rich soils of Mexico and the US to the lush forests of Australia, I’ve found solace and inspiration in Mother Earth. Now, I’m on a mission to share the wonders of natural haircare and skincare with the world.


Pure Earth was born out of this passion. We produce sophisticated and competitive products that embrace nature’s innovative technology and honours our Earth. Our vision is to contribute to a better world and grow a company that gives back. We believe that choosing a quality product also means choosing a desirable future.


We are a family-owned business nestled in the green hills of the Byron Hinterland on Bundjalung land. Our home is a sanctuary where our two children play and learn among the trees, appreciating nature’s beauty. Their wonder and connection with nature inspire us to create products that contribute to a future we’d like for them—a future connected with nature’s incredible design. That’s why, in all aspects of Pure Earth, we strive for natural, innovative, and sustainable excellence.


Every product curated by Pure Earth reflects our commitment to purity, sustainability, and efficacy. We meticulously source our ingredients from ethical and eco-conscious suppliers because we believe that beauty should never come at the expense of our planet.


At Pure Earth, we’re more than just a skincare brand—we’re a community united by our reverence for nature and a shared vision of a healthier, more sustainable future. Join us on this journey towards a cleaner planet.


Thank you for being a part of our story.


Our mission is to deliver sustainable excellence in the form of elevated hair, body & skin care products with superior natural formulas and Native Australian botanicals.

We believe in natural and Untamed Beauty.

We believe in empowering a sustainable and compassionate community that is connected to nature. We believe that you can feel good and look amazing while treading lightly on our Earth. Embrace YOU, embrace our Earth. 


Our products are made with minimal ingredients, using only those that are most effective and necessary. Our packaging is sustainable, using aluminium that can be recycled time after time without losing its quality. We believe in nurturing our Earth and caring for the future of our communities. We believe that companies should lead the way.


We are constantly researching new innovative ways to make our products more sustainable. We donate to the Carbon Positive Australia Fund, to contribute towards planting Australian native plants and 1% of our profits to One Tree Planted to help restore habitats throughout the world. 

We create our products in Australia at a carbon-neutral site. We use aluminum packaging because it maintains its integrity over time, making it the perfect resource to recycle. And to promote zero-waste, we have created a free and easy to use 2 step circular economy. 

We strive for Pure Earth hair, body & skin care products to give you a feeling of natural connection and confidence. Confidence in the quality of our products. Confidence in the future of our Earth. Confidence in you looking and feeling good and loving what you do. 

We have Confidence in...


The quality of our products. High quality with Australian native botanicals.


The future of our Earth. Sustainable manufacturing and packaging.

quality-ingredients- Pure Earth

A trusted, pure formula. We keep our ingredients list to a minimum and only what is most effective and necessary.

Looking and feeling good.