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Natural and Plastic Free Challenge

Want to achieve healthier-looking hair and say goodbye to synthetic nasties AND plastic waste?

So many of us have been guilty of using hair care products with all sorts of synthetic ingredients and adding more plastic to the never-ending plastic waste problem.


Not only is non-natural mainstream haircare ultimately preventing you from achieving healthier-looking hair, but it also creates an unhealthy environment for your scalp and hair follicles.


At Pure Earth we say no to all sorts of synthetic nasties and we choose plastic-free infinitely recyclable packaging.  We believe in achieving healthier-looking hair, naturally with botanical ingredients that support a healthy scalp and ultimately healthier hair.


That’s why we are challenging YOU to take part in our #14PureHairChallenge and detox from synthetic haircare and plastic bottles.


In 14 days your hair will start to remove the build-up of synthetic nasties and will start to feel softer, more voluminous and healthier.


Plus, you’ll be eliminating your bathroom of plastic and choosing an infinitely recyclable material instead!  It’s about time we switched to healthier haircare and reduced our plastic waste.  Are YOU ready?


It can take a little bit of time to adjust to using natural haircare.  You may find that switching to natural hair care creates less bubbles and may feel less silky (at first) but this is because there are no sulphates (harsh detergents which strip the hair of it’s natural oils) and silicones (which give the false illusion of hydration).


Instead, Pure Earth uses gentle cleansers and natural ingredients that assist with hydration and nourishment to support a healthier scalp and environment for healthier hair growth.


In 14 days your hair will likely get rid of the synthetic build-up and lead to better hair days.  Plus, by making the switch you will be choosing an Australian made, vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable and plastic-free brand that donates 1% of its profit to One Tree Planted.


Switching to Pure Earth will give you a feeling of natural connection and confidence.

Confidence in the quality of our products.

Confidence in the future of our Earth.

Confidence in you looking and feeling good and loving what you do.


We’re so confident that you’ll love Pure Earth products that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Pure Earth we say no to nasties

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