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Our Story

A family business with tried and tested products

Tried and Tested Natural Products

Many years of research and refinement have contributed to the formulation of Pure Earth products ensuring optimum safety for you and the environment. 

We believe that everyone needs to do their part in reducing, reusing and recycling and we believe that companies in particular need to lead the way.

An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic escapes our coastlines and pollutes our oceans every year.  This is largely due to ‘convenient’ single use containers, wrappers and bottles.  

At Pure Earth we believe we can do our part in helping by offering reusable packaging for all our products.  

Our mission is to deliver superior natural formulas with quality native Australian botanicals and sustainable excellence.  

“By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean then fish” – Ellen MacArthur Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum

Sustainability is Our Focus

Pure Earth’s Core Values are:

  1.  Natural Ingredients:   Committed to sourcing plant-based and naturally derived ingredients and use only those with proven record for safety and efficacy.
  2.  Sustainable:  Dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and continuously searching for more affordable, sustainable and innovative packaging.
  3.  Australian-Made:  Source materials and ingredients locally, where possible, and make our products in Australia.
  4.  Vegan & Cruelty Free:  We believe in respecting all life – we do not use animal derived ingredients and we do not test on animals.
  5.  Social Contribution:   At the top of Pure Earth’s ‘bucket list’ is to be remembered for its contribution to creating a better world. One way in which Pure Earth does this is by donating directly to Carbon Positive Australia Fund which plants Australian native trees.


All our personal care products are manufactured in Australia’s Six Star Rated Enviro Industrial Estate which has been awarded by UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) Queensland for the estates outstanding environmental features, including Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our products so much that we offer all customers a no quibble return if you are not happy with your order for any reason.   Buy the product, use it and if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund, less postage.   


If you’re like us, you have probably spent hours and hours scrolling through the internet trying to find sustainable products and tips to reduce plastic in your household and found it fairly simple to do so until you step into the bathroom. 

To create a sustainable bathroom we first started by buying natural skin care products in bulk as well as making some ourselves.  We loved that we could feel great about what we were putting onto our bodies and into the environment. Most importantly we reduced the amount of plastic we purchased.   

We then realised there are numerous households like us who want to go natural and sustainable but already have a lot of things to juggle in their daily lives to devote time in making products.  That is when the idea of Pure Earth’s mission began.

We are Gabriela and Josh, mother and father of two small children, Leo and Izabel from the Northern Rivers (near Byron Bay), New South Whales, Australia. Like most parents having children made us acutely aware of the potential dangers in our environment.  We became committed to eliminating all chemicals in our home and living as natural and sustainable as possible.  Not only for the well-being of our family but also for the well being of our community and Earth.  

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change.  Small acts, when multipled by millions of people, can transform the world”

– Howard Zinn