We strive for sustainable Excellence

Pure Earth is a family-owned Australian company that creates Australian made hair, body & home products. We use natural & chemical free ingredients and keep our list to a minimum, only using what is most effective and necessary. We are mindful of our resources. That’s why we choose aluminium packaging. 


Infinitely recyclable

Aluminium can be recycled infinite times as it never loses its integrity or purity. There is no need for additional material throughout the recycling process of aluminium that’s why it’s a perfect resource for packaging.  When you purchase Pure Earth products you can rest easy knowing that you are living more sustainably.

Zero-Waste Subscription

Additionally, with our Zero-Waste Subscription, you have the option to return your empty bottles to be cleaned, sterilized and reused. Becoming a Zero-Waste subscriber is easy. 

Simply pick a product you would like to purchase and select subscribe. Select the frequency of your deliveries. We will send the products directly to your door and the payment will be deducted from your account automatically. 

When you have 5 or more empty bottles, you can then log into your account and order a free shipping label to be emailed to you. Print the label, stick it onto your box, and drop it off at your local Australia Post.

Product - Subscription- Pure Earth

Log into your account and order a free shipping label

Product - Subscription- Pure Earth

Print your shipping label

Place 5 or more empty bottles into a box and tape the shipping label onto your box

Product - Subscription- Pure Earth

Drop off at your local Australia Post

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