We strive for sustainable Excellence

Our mission at Pure Earth is to deliver sustainable excellence in the form of elevated hair, body and skin care products.  We have designed our products to give you a feeling of natural connection and confidence and make being environmentally friendly easy!  From our infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles to our chemical-free products, we want to empower you to make choices that are good for you, your family, and the planet, from the comfort of your very own home.


We combine some of the best botanical extracts and essential oils that have amazing benefits for your hair, body and skin so that you don’t have to compensate with any harmful chemicals. 


Our products combine the very best of nature and science; loaded with natural and naturally derived ingredients.  We say ‘No’ to nasties including free from silicones, PEGs, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, mineral oils or any animal derivatives and we are strictly against testing on animals and are cruelty-free.


We make our formulas here in Australia in a 6 Star Enviro Industrial Estate awarded for Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Material, Water and Environment.


We are mindful of our resources. That’s why we choose aluminium packaging that is refillable and infinitely recyclable and offer a free zero-waste service so you can return your eco-friendly bottle to be cleaned, sterilised and reused.  A perfect closed-loop system.


And we donate 1% of our profits to One Tree Planted to help restore natural habititats throughout the world.

Pure Earth Natural Shampoo with Lemon Myrtle and Emu Apple

Transforming natural and Australian-made hair, body and home care, ethically and sustainably, one bottle at a time with plastic-free infinitely recyclable packaging.

Aluminium can be recycled infinite times as it never loses its integrity or purity. There is no need for additional material throughout the recycling process of aluminium that’s why it’s a perfect resource for packaging.  When you purchase Pure Earth products you can rest easy knowing that you are living more sustainably.

Return your empty bottle to be cleaned, sterilised and refilled.

When you have 5 or more empty bottles, you can  order a free shipping label to be emailed to you. Print the label, stick it onto your box, and drop it off at your local Australia Post.

Product - Subscription- Pure Earth

Print your shipping label

Place 5 or more empty bottles into a box and tape the shipping label onto your box

Product - Subscription- Pure Earth

Drop off at your local Australia Post