Embrace the harmony of nature and your well-being with our range of products that honour You and the Earth. 

Our meticulously crafted formulas combine the richness of botanical extracts and essential oils to nurture, and rejuvenate, your hair, body, and face.


Crafted in the heart of Australia, our products are a testament to sustainability, consciously avoiding harmful ingredients. They are thoughtfully packaged in infinitely recyclable, plastic-free bottles, designed to minimize waste and safeguard the environment.


Australian Made & Owned

quality-ingredients- Pure Earth

Quality Ingredients

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Vegan & Cruelty Free


Sustainable Manufacturing, Packaging & Refillable Service


Carbon Neutral Delivery


30 day money back guarantee

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Our Ingredients






Almond Oil


Emu Apple

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Lemon Myrtle


We strive for sustainable

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. We take pride in our environmentally friendly, zero-waste approach that utilizes minimal plastic. We aim to minimize our impact and promote a healthier planet by treading lightly on the earth.

Our ingredient Promise

We celebrate the raw and unfiltered essence of natural, untamed beauty. We prioritize simplicity and prioritize nature’s innate potency. By using only, the finest, locally sourced botanicals and employing superior natural formulas, our products deliver maximum efficacy with minimal ingredients.


What our customers are saying...

Storm from Rebel + Gypsy Salon

“Clients that in the past have struggled to find a suitable range for their fine, oily or limp hair, have found your shampoo and conditioner leaves it voluminous. Our Clients comment on the lovely scent and are so happy to receive a range that is refillable and in aluminium. We also find it suitable for a variety of hair types, which is extraordinary! Whoever formulated your product did an incredible job!” 

Claudia B.

“Absolutely love love love Pure Earth’s products for myself and my family. From handwash to laundry liquid we are using everything. I’m excited to have found natural products that actually work. Especially with natural hair care I’ve never had good results until I found Pure Earth.”

Greta D.

“I love Pure Earth Shampoo! The lavender scent is so beautiful and refreshing and the all natural ingredients cleanse and nourish my hair without stripping away the moisture.”

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