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Benefits of Joining Our Zero-Waste Subscription

Our mission here at Pure Earth is to deliver sustainable excellence in the form of elevated hair, body and home care products with Australian native botanicals.  We have designed our products to give you a feeling of natural connection and confidence and make being environmentally friendly easy! 


From our infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles to our chemical-free products, we want to empower you to make choices that are good for you, your family and the planet from the comfort of your home. 


Our lives are already hectic enough, and we want to be on the list of things you DO NOT have to worry about.  That’s why we offer a zero-waste subscription option to make it even easier to get your natural and plastic-free goodies in one place.  All you have to do is simply select the products you want, how often you want them, and we’ll do the rest.  The best part is that by choosing your ideal delivery frequency, you can relax and ensure you never run out of a product! 


Even better, we have now increased our subscription rate to 20% off to reward those who choose to join our zero-waste service and ditch plastic for good!  And for those who have already subscribed, we have not forgotten about you!  We have gone back and lowered the price of your subscription products so you can also enjoy the full 20% discount.  


What are the timeframe options for your subscription?

Monthly: If you and your entire family share the same bottle, this might be your best subscription option.


Three Months: A good choice if it’s just you and your partner, but you still go through a lot of product.  Maybe it’s because you have long hair or just really love our body wash, either way we are here for you!


Six months: If you are like many of our zero-waste subscribers, you probably don’t wash your hair daily and therefore use a lot less product over time.  If this sounds like you, this is the perfect timeframe.


You can always go into your account, update your time frame, or change your products.  In your account, you can even completely cancel your zero-waste subscription and start from scratch!


Do you use shampoo more often than conditioner?


Everyone’s hair is different, therefore it’s likely you will need shampoo and conditioner in different time frames.  Not a problem!  Just subscribe to each separately.  For example, let us know you want shampoo every three months and conditioner every six months.


If there are other options that we can provide, or you need a little help, please never hesitate to contact us.  We’re here to help.


How do you return your eco-friendly bottle once it’s finished?


Our aluminium bottles are infinitely recyclable.  If you don’t have time to return them, that’s ok!  Simply put them in your recycling bin.  But please remove the pump and place the aluminium cap back on the bottle before putting it into your recycling bin.   If you are an eco-warrior, like us, and want to join the circular-economy revolution by returning your empty bottle to be cleaned, sterilised and reused, you can do that too!  Simply log into your account to order a free shipping label or access the link here.


Thanks for supporting the zero-waste movement.  Together we’re eliminating single-use plastics!

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