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Find out about the natural ingredients in our products

Good for You. Good for Earth.

We care about transparency.

We offer clean products that are Good for You and Good for Earth.


Pure Earth products are :

✔  Low Allergy

✔  Vegan 

✔  No Animal ingredients/derivatives

✔  No Sulphates, Parabens, SLS’s, PEG’s

✔  No Petroleum by products

✔  No Artificial colours or dyes

✔  No Harsh Detergents

✔  NOT Tested on Animals  

✔  Formulated with natural plant based ingredients

✔  Reusable Packaging for Low Environmental Impact 

✔  Proudly Made in Australia

✔  Australian Family Owned Company

✔  Manufactured in Australia’s only 6 Star Enviro Industrial Estate awarded for Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Material, Water and Environment 

✔  Safe for Use in Enviro and Septic Systems

✔  All Deliveries are Carbon Neutral (provided by Australia Post)

Our Hero Ingredients




Lemon Myrtle is obtained from the leaves of the Lemon Myrtle tree originating from the coastal rainforest area of Queensland.  Not only does it provide a fresh uplifting aroma, this ingredient is also high in antioxidants, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium and is antibacterial and antiviral.


Rosemary Extract has a large range of benefits ranging from moisturising your skin and supporting healthy collagen development. It is rich in antibacterial properties and helps to reduce the prevalence of breakout causing bacteria on the skin.


Chamomile is an antibacterial and antiviral botanical that is gentle and nourishing for the skin. This unique extract soothes and calms the skin and is perfect for treatments of skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis.


Lime Essential Oil provides a fresh burst of citrus scent and has antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.


Rosehip Oil is rich in antioxidants and feeds the skin vital nutrients to hydrate, moisturise, boost collagen, reduce inflammation and support a radiant and clear complexion.


Lavender Oil contains calming aromas to soothe the senses and is high in antibacterial properties to keep your complexion clear and your hair healthy.

Natural Products from Pure Earth

Pure Earth products have been tried and tested.  Many years of research and refinement have contributed to the formulation of our products.

Customers who use Pure Earth products often find they no longer experience a range of allergic reactions including asthma, itchy scalp, rashes and a host of other discomforts. 

Sustainable Manufacturing

All our personal care products are manufactured in Australia’s only Six Star Rated Enviro Industrial Estate which has been award by the UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) Queensland.  The Six Stars have been awarded to the estate for it’s outstanding environmental features including Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community.  

Our customers are our most important asset and our planet is our most valuable resource, that is why we are extremely proud to be involved with Australia’s first carbon neutral industrial estate.  

Money-Back Gaurantee

At Pure Earth we pride ourselves on our integrity and ethics. Our friendly staff offers efficient and professional service to assist you with your inquiries and purchases and we back that up with our unconditional money back guarantee.

Buy the product, use it and if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund of the product purchase price, less postage!

“I had to write to say I ran out of the clothes soaker a few days ago. I don’t often have to use it but it’s great when I do. In fact, I went through the linen cupboard and pulled out all the pillowcases that had got an oily head smell about them. I think other people with balding partners will know what I mean. The smell just doesn’t come out. However, I soaked a batch for about 3-4 hours in your product and, hey presto, they are as fresh as a daisy. Oh, the batch previous to this didn’t work and I actually boiled them in a boiler on the stove and then soaked them overnight in fresh water with eucalyptus oil dropped into it. It’s amazing that it  
didn’t work, and just goes to show how well your product does work.”

– Elizabeth, Editor, Living Now magazine, April 2011